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SPEED: 500 lpm
TYPE: Pedestal Printer Model

The Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer is the dependable workhorse line matrix printer that forms the foundation of the P7000 Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers. It is compact enough to move around in just about any industrial environment. The Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer is presented in a small footprint with the convenience of either top tear or rear output. Accessory choices include a front input tray or two different rear trays. With a quick adjustment customers can reconfigure the printer to a top tear format. By adding the optional Acoustic Shroud, users can enjoy comfortable noise reduction while still having quick access to print jobs. Like all the printers in the P7000 series, the Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer is ENERGY STAR® qualified and is ready to plug into your network and start printing from day one. Offered in a wide variety of model configurations and printing speeds ranging from 500 to 1,500 lines per minute. Get more printing done in less time.

Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer Highlights

  • Faster Access. Installation of cartridge ribbons is faster and cleaner than spool ribbons, saving time, reducing load errors and requires less user training.
  • Longer Lasting Ink. The new cartridge ribbon promotes a longer ribbon life, which lowers consumable costs. Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership. The new cartridge ribbon is 6 times less expensive than laser toner cartridges.
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership. Keeping a tight rein on costs is important to every business. Compared to the previous generation of line matrix spool ribbons, the P7000 Cartridge generates savings of up to 20% of the consumable cost per page.
  • Plug and Print. No down time. The P7000 series offers seamless integration and are direct replacements for the Printronix P5000 and P7000 spool printers. There is no need to modify or change current applications. It is a true “Plug and Print” solution. Printronix gives you the widest possible range of emulations, configurability and tools at your disposal. Installation requires no host changes, allows for easy data streaming. Do you have custom print job files already set up? No problem, work with the files you have already created.
  • Lowest Cost Laser Replacement. The P7000HD High Definition Family of Line Matrix Printers can drop into any Windows based laser print environment without application modifications or special accommodations. The P7000HD prints TrueType™ fonts, small point sizes, lines logo and bar codes in 180×180 dpi resolution. Enjoy the traditional line matrix benefits of reliability, forms flexibility and low cost per page.


Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer Environmental Advantages:

logo energy star 60x60The ENERGY STAR® qualified Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer power conservation system provides savings on energy cost, reduces wear and tear on the printer and uses 40% less power than laser printers. These printers are built to last for years and years, a key ecological benefit over shorter life cycle products such as laser and serial printers. Accommodates paper with high recycled content, easier recycling of completed print jobs, ozone reduction and none of the fine particulate emissions found in laser toner cartridges. Engineered with features that promote less energy consumption and generate less waste the Printronix P7005ZT Line Printer provides the right printing solution for a greener world.

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